Solong Tattoo Kit Review: Ultimate Tattoo Kit

The ultimate tattoo kit has arrived, and it’s called Solong. It is the most comprehensive tattoo starter kit available on the market today. If you’re interested in getting a tattoo but don’t know where to start, this is the perfect choice for you. 

All of the essentials are included in one package, so there’s no need to order them separately or go out and buy supplies that might not work well with each other. Read our Solong Tattoo Kit review for more!

The brand solong is an innovative company that specializes in high-quality tattoo products. Their goal is to provide customers with the most comprehensive and best quality starter kit available on the market today, which is why they created this Solong Tattoo Kit Review.

What Does Solong Tattoo Kit Include?

The Solong Tattoo Kit includes:

  • 50 tattoo needles in various sizes for a variety of effects, including detail and shading.
  • Two disposable gloves (disposable).
  • One tube each of red and black ink to be mixed together with distilled water.
  • 4 tattoo guns/coil machines in various colours – simple to use for lining, colour blocking, and shading
  • Power supply for LCD digital displays
  • Pedal that is controlled by the foot
  • Clip cord
  • For practise, there are 54 bottles of quality colour ink, all of which have been gamma-sterilized and are ready to use.
  • 60 tattoo tips in various sizes made of stainless steel
  • For tattoo tips, use a soft cleaning brush.
  • 2 tattoo grips (one made of aluminium, one made of plastic)
  • 100 cups of ink
  • Experiment with synthetic ‘skin’ to test your concepts.
  • For the machine, there are 50 rubber bands.
  • 50 gromits of various colours
  • 50 o-shaped rubber rings
  • Tattoo machine tool for fine-tuning and repairing the settings
  • The kit also comes complete with an instructional booklet that provides thorough information about all aspects of tattooing from set up through aftercare – as well as helpful hints and tricks compiled by professional artists who have been doing this work their entire lives!

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Features of Solong Tattoo Kit:

The Solong Tattoo kit is a great starter tattoo kit for those who are just starting out in the industry or just want to have some fun.

The first thing that you will notice about this product when it arrives at your doorstep, is how well packaged and neat everything comes together.

You can tell right away from the care that was taken with shipping these products, they know what they’re doing!

On top of its professional packaging job, we were pleasantly surprised by not only the quality of all items included but also their durability as well (even though someone might think otherwise). Discussing it’s features on by one:

1. Tattoo Coil Machines 

The coil machines ( Solong Tattoo Kit) are the same ones used by professionals so you know they’re great. The line machine works well and doesn’t snag, which is a relief to many tattoo artists who have had that unfortunate experience in the past.

2. Tattoo Ink 

This ink, unlike others on the market, has an extremely high pigment load meaning that it will go farther as long as you keep your needles clean.

No more spending money on expensive containers of liquid just for this one color!

We were really impressed with their pink tone because not only does its bright hue pop but it also stands out among any black work we tried it alongside- like some sort of divine intervention haha 😉

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3. Disposable Tools 

We were also very impressed with the disposable tattoo tools. It’s not like you’re going to have a chance to wash them before reusing so being able to toss them is great!

4. Diverse Color Set 

The Solong set also features a diverse color selection. It includes the most popular colors like black, white, and red but they are also pretty heavy on greens and blues which is great for those who want to veer away from just going with the norm.

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5. Comfortable Packaging 

The kit comes in an easy-to-carry backpack that’s compact enough to hang off your back while you tattoo someone! We appreciated how comfortable it was handled as well as its sleek design!

6. Digital Power Supply 

The Solong tattoo kit includes a digital power supply which is awesome for those who are looking to break into the industry and can’t afford their own yet. The digital display on it makes everything so much easier and less time-consuming!

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7. Lightweight 

We were surprised by how light this set was considering that there’s, admittedly, quite a few pieces included in it. Considering we’re used to lugging around heavy backpacks with all of our equipment when we go out for work trips it was such an easy change!

8. Other Tattoo Accessories 

The Solong tattoo kit includes everything you’ll need to go and get a great start in the industry. It comes with an assortment of needles, ink cups, grips for your fingers as well as other accessories that make this set so worth it!

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Pros of Solong Tattoo Kit –

  • The Solong tattoo kit is affordable and durable.
  • It comes with everything you need for a first time tattoo artist, including the inks, dyes, needles and more.
  • They also have a variety of colors to choose from so that your design can stay as true to its original color scheme or go completely monochrome.
  • There are tons of designs available on their website which is great when you don’t know what kind of sketch you want!
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Precise tattoo needle depth markings on the machine head
  • Nonstick needles for easy clean up

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Cons of Solong Tattoo Kit – 

  • The Solong tattoo kit does not come with a foot pedal, which can be an inconvenience for some artists.
  • It only comes with one machine head so there is no way to vary needle depth and width for different tattoos.
  • Not the best quality needles that are easy to snap if you’re going through thick pieces of skin or working on something delicate like shading.
  • Needles might need replacement after every project because they dull easily even though they are nonstick
  • Takes up more space than other kits since it doesn’t fold down flat when closed
  • Short power cord

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Overall Solong Tattoo Kit Review

This Solong Tattoo Kit is a great starter kit for those who are looking to get into tattooing. It has everything you need, and it’s at an affordable price point-blank. There weren’t any noticeable cons that we have seen yet with this product. The needle seemed good quality, and the hand-holding clamp came well packaged as expected. We would recommend this to anyone looking to try their hands out on tattooing!

  • Good Starter Package
  • Affordable Price Point Blank
  • Needle Quality Seems Okay So Far
  • Nothing Else Negatively To Comment On Yet

We will update our review if anything changes after further use of the Solong Tattoo Kit or if there are other problems down the road but so far it is perfect for us.

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The Solong Tattoo Kit is one of the best tattoo kits available. It has everything you need and even comes with an instructional booklet to help get you started.

If you are looking for a great starter kit or just want something that will last forever, this is it! Thank you for reading our review of the Solong Tattoo Kit.
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