Top 5 Best Rotary Tattoo Machine For Lining in 2021

As we all know that there is a huge variety of rotary tattoo machines to choose from, but it can be difficult to know which is right for you. So today, we are going to review the best rotary tattoo machine for lining in 2021 to help you get the job of lining done.

Rotary Machines can provide a number of advantages when worked with, as many tattoo artists appreciate the low maintenance and ease of use of rotary machines.

In this post, I have shared the list of the top 5 best rotary tattoo machines for lining that you can get for yourself as a tattoo artist for the perfect tattoo linings.

Best Rotary Machine For Lining

1. Dragonhawk Atom M1 Rotary Gun for Lining

This lining machine is equipped with the world’s best built-in on and off switch so that you can control your work by pressing the switch button.

It has a hard-working engine that is tested tens of thousands of times, so you know you’re getting the best quality for your money.

This rotary tattoo gun is made to last. Made of sturdy, high-quality aluminum slats, then polished and anodized. A special machine for all kinds of work, especially lining.


  • This rotary machine is a great value for money because it is designed to be used as a high-end tattoo pen, but the price is only a small part of it. This makes it a reliable budget option, perfect for beginners and especially those who are unsure about switching to a rotary pen. 
  • This is a well-designed machine for lining. It has an LED light system that can be seen more easily in low-light areas, and it also has a blue light to tell you that it is working. The tattoo machine runs under a stable voltage supply and will run as long as you need it. 
  • You can adjust the standard stroke length by replacing parts, but this will invalidate your warranty. 
  • This machine is included in a kit, which contains everything you need to get started, including a power supply and foot controller. You will also receive tape, needles and a carry bag! 
  • Tattoo pens are widely used in the market today, but not many will make you feel that you are using a real pen. This rotary machine for lining promises to imitate the feel, so you don’t need to make a lot of adjustments to master the art.

Pros and Cons

  • It is compatible with all sizes of ink cartridges on the market and with most brand-name ink cartridges.
  • Lightweight.
  • It is designed for professional tattoo artists.
  • Various colours are available.
  • It has a powerful brushless motor, customized for perfect performance.
  • It runs very smoothly.
  • This is an extreme rotary tattoo machine with a brushless DC motor.
  • Lack of lifetime warranty
  • After a few hours of use, it can heat up.

Who Should Buy It?

It is perfect for beginners and especially those who are unsure about switching to a rotary pen.

2. Cheyenne Hawk Pen Style Sol Nova for Lining

It may not be suitable for those who are looking for something on a low budget, but the Cheyenne Hawk Pen sol nova can still be a good choice for many buyers. 

The sol nova rotary machine is perfect for those who want to avoid cables or wires. It is powered by a rechargeable battery and has a pen-like design, so you can easily ink on the go without using an outlet at the same time. 

With its well-thought-out design and lots of great details, It is definitely an attractive option for many people. Combined with its stable performance, it is expected to deliver excellent results. 

The sol nova pen machine is said to be more popular than other rotary machines. This rotary machine for lining is easier to operate because of the rotating pen design.

This pen-type rotary tattoo machine has long been regarded as one of the best tattoo machines for lining on the market, and it ranks first among the best rotary tattoo machines.


  • Although most Cheyenne products to ensure comfort are designed with customizable grips, the company decided to upgrade its products by manufacturing disposable handles. This makes it easier to keep the pen-type rotary tattoo machine hygienic because you can change the grip after each use. 
  • One of the factors that can prove the reasonable price of the nova Hawk Pen sol is its incredible design. 
  • For starters, its rotating pen style is already easier to operate than the vertical motor option. Therefore, its customizable grip makes it easier and more comfortable to use. 
  • The Sol Nova pen-type rotary tattoo machine is not only lightweight and nicely designed to provide comfort. 
  • If you are looking for a high-end rotary machine for lining with unmatched performance, this may be your best option! 
  • The general use of this sol nova machine is also very simple because it will make you feel like you are operating an ordinary pen. It is compatible with all Cheyenne safety ink cartridges, so you don’t have to worry about what is equipped with this machine. 
  • Sol nova can be used for many different applications, including tribal tattoos and traditional tattoos. Professional tattoo artists should always have this multifunctional device by their side! 
  • It has a low frequency, so this machine specialized inlining.

Pros and Cons

  • Easy to set up.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Lightweight.
  • Best choice for a deep and fine job.
  • Provides a variety of colour options.
  • Great for lining.
  • Does not heat up and has a low vibration.
  • Bit Expensive

Who Should Buy It?

For beginners especially, its rotating pen style is already easier to operate than the vertical motor option. Therefore, its customizable grip makes it easier and more comfortable to use. 

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3. Bishop Authentic Rotary Tattoo Machine for Lining

If you are looking for the best rotary tattoo machine on the market, please consider this one. Each machine is polished and assembled by hand. 

Swiss MAXON engines and Aircraft aluminum are used for maximum durability.

This rotary machine for lining weighs only 3.8 ounces. It works quietly and smoothly during working hours without feeling tired. It has a DC power supply and an RCA cable connection.

This design does not use a rubber band to force the needle but has a needle clamp so that the needle does not move laterally. In other words, this is a perfect rotary tattoo machine that can be used to line precise details. 

The recommended voltage setting for the shading and colour packaging is 7.5 to 8.5 volts, and for lining is 8 to 9 volts. This machine is very gentle on the skin.


  • Each machine is assembled by hand. This ensures that it has a precise fit and ensures that you don’t have to worry about its structure. It is also hand-polished, so it has a very good surface finish.
  • If you buy this rotating machine, you may not need another tattoo machine because it can be utilized for lining, shading, filling and colouring. 
  • Its versatility makes it a very practical and convenient choice because you don’t need to find another rotating machine to complete your work; you can completely switch to rotating. 
  • It is designed for professional use, ergonomically designed, and offers three different strokes (from 1 mm to 3.5-3.5 mm strokes). 
  • To give you peace of mind, they offer a lifetime warranty, so you never have to worry about quality.

Pros and Cons

  • Assembled by hand
  • Polished by hand
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable
  • Attractive
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Best for lining work
  • Expensive

Who Should Buy It?

Perfect for both beginners and professionals as it is comfortable and easy to use!

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4. Yilong ‘L’ Rotary Machine for Lining

Yilong is an excellent rotary tattoo machine for lining and shading. It can also be adjusted to improve customer performance. 

Kit includes all of your tattoo machine expectations, including power supply, tattoo pedal, tattoo cord, tattoo power cord, and 50 blue tattoo needles. With all these things in that price range, every penny is worth it. 

All parts of the machine are assembled by hand to ensure the durability of the product. In addition, the machine is better in terms of weight handling. Unlike other models, Yilong’s operations are quiet. 

The machine includes a stroke length of 3.5 mm, which is perfect for black and gray shades. The kit is very comfortable, and your hands will not feel tired even during a long tattooing process.


  • Yilong is the perfect choice for beginner tattooists because they provide high-quality products at reasonable prices, and we believe they are the best rotary tattoo machines. 
  • The Yilong rotary machine for lining is a multifunctional device that can be used for shading and lining. It is also often compared to a more expensive rotating machine because it runs smoothly and works well. 
  • Many tattoo artists also recommend this product because it runs quietly. Some people even say that you don’t even know that it is turned on because it runs very quietly. 
  • Although it uses a vertical motor design, the design of this tattoo machine has a pen-like feel to ensure comfortable operation. Of course, if you are a newbie, you still need to get used to the motor at the tip of the handle, but those who converted from coil tattoo machines will not find this to be a problem. 
  • This tattoo machine has a powerful brushless motor. It is lightweight and durable, so you can complete more tattoos in less time, reducing the hassle for your clients.

Pros and Cons

  • Compatible with Hawk pins.
  • Used for lining and shading.
  • Designed for comfort and safety
  • All-in-one packaging
  • Each piece is assembled by hand
  • Best for quiet operation
  • No lifetime warranty
  • Have parts made up of plastic

Who Should Buy It?

It is the perfect choice for beginner tattooists because they provide high-quality products at reasonable prices, and we believe they are the best rotary tattoo machines. 

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5. Stigma Rotary Tattoo Machine for Lining

With this cordless rotating tattoo machine, you can enjoy freedom of movement. The Stigma kit includes a battery-powered tattoo pen.

It is equipped with two rechargeable batteries, so you can use one while the other is charging. We think this is one of the best rotary tattoo machine kits. 

This rotating tattoo pen weighs only 2 ounces. It will use a voltage between 4.5 and 10.5 V. There are five power settings to choose from, with an LED indicator to confirm the level you are using. 

Once it is fully charged, it can run for three to six hours, depending on the configuration. 

This is made of aluminum with a Japanese motor. Additionally, the kit includes a pre-sterilized cartridge needle and a grip strap.

This is considered one of the best tattoo machines, and when it comes to the best rotary tattoo machines, it definitely ranks among the best.


  • The Stigma rotary tattoo machine for lining is an all-rounder. You can easily use it for shading and lining, making it very versatile. 
  • However, unlike most of the tattoo machines listed here, it also has a dual connection design. It doesn’t just apply to RCA connections. 
  • It is also suitable for wire-clamping connections, so you have more options when starting up and improving the performance of this device. 
  • This is considered by many users to be the smoothest batting rotating machine on the market today. 
  • Although most of the tattoo machines in this category are made for tapping, this one is even better due to its adjustable depth setting. It is also worth noting that this machine is also easy to change settings.

Pros and Cons

  • Two batteries make work more efficient.
  • Attractive design.
  • Powerful motor with the advanced gear system.
  • Best for Lining
  • Batteries are not long- lasting

Who Should Buy It?

Both newbies and professionals can use this tattoo machine for lining work.


These are the top rotating tattoo machines for lining that we recommend. We hope you have received answers to all your questions. Now with the help of our review, you can choose the best option available on the market.

We would personally recommend Bishop Authentic Rotary Tattoo Machine for Lining; although it can be a bit expensive but is definitely worth the money. Rest is up to you!

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