Best Motor For Rotary Tattoo Machine

For any rotary machine, the motor is one of the most important assets. If your needle gets damaged while tattooing then you can quickly change the needle however replacing the machine is not that easy task.

That’s why it is very important to invest in a reliable and durable motor for your tattoo machine. If your rotary machine is from a quality brand maybe you don’t need to worry about the motor.

However, having a backup option is always better than getting into trouble. Some tattoo artist wants to build their own machine as well.

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In this post, I am going to share some of the best motor for rotary tattoo machine that you can use as the backup or main motor.

For beginners, motors don’t matter,  you should focus on your tattoo. However, if you are a professional tattoo artist then choosing a better motor can make your tattoo better and you can charge more etc.

Here are the qualities motor that you can try.

Best Motor For Rotary Tattoo Machine

Image Product Feature Price
Best Pick
Maxon Motor A-max 16
Best motor for professionals Check Now
Budget Friendly
MFA RE-385
Best motor for pocket-friendly pricing Check Now
22DCP Athlonix
Most durable and reliable motor Check Now

Maxon Motor A-max 16

If you are familiar with tattoo machine motor brands you already know the brand Maxon. It is already used by many tattoo manufacturers such as FX iron.

On their site, you will every motor with the name of A-max 16. However, there is a difference between different motors of rpm, torque, etc. You can choose the one which goes well with yours.

As an individual tattoo artist, you can use a single motor instead of placing bulk orders. However, you will get an extra discount on bulk order.

Maxon has an online store. Keep in mind that buying a motor will cost you a little more money.

Generally, the default rotary machine’s max speed is 10000rpm. On their official site, you can buy motors with rpm of 14100 rpm.

MFA RE-385

Another Quality brand to buy rotary machine motors.

It does have a perfect voltage for tattoo machines of 4 to 11 volts and a no-load speed of 11,000.

I have tried the MFA 5.75W motor and it works like charm.

Many pro tattoo artists recommend this motor. This is also one of the most budget-friendly motors that you can get for yourself.

If you are looking for the budget friendly motor for you tattoo machine then MFA RE-385 motor is one of the best pick for you.

22DCP Athlonix

Precious Metal Brush DC Motor: Athlonix is the new growing brand for tattoo machine motors.

It does have an ironless construction which makes it lightweight and has Alnico magnet for high performance.

This motor does have the long brush life and provides you the quality performance as well. It helps a lot in reducing electro erosion.

This 22Dcp motor is powerful for producing 11049 rpm speed.

This motor diameter is 22mm and the output power is 4.5 w.

If you are looking for a durable and reliable motor which can work for the long runs then 22DCP Athlonix is one of the best pick for you.

Final Words

There isn’t a lot of information available online because it is a business to business field. Most of the motors sale is done offline.

Every motor that I have listed above does have many variants based on the torque, RPM, etc. of the motor. Check the details carefully while you are getting one for yourself.

If you are looking for more resources then you can try to find vendors on Alibaba as well.

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That’s it for this article, if you have any question or query then let me know in the comment section.

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